Fake Band

I guess I made up a band tonight if you’re interested in joining up. Our first album will look pretty cool in my opinion, however its title may not suggest a ‘pure gold’ type of scenario. Anyway we will definitely be performing in cardboard helmets that look like robot hippo heads, and capes that flow out the back of them. If you haven’t guessed already, people in the audience will be able to see our heads inside the robot hippo’s mouth. So here’s that album art. this totally began as a doodle that I made while in a morning meeting at my sweet freelance gig at Discovery Creative. I don’t think its disrespectful to draw in a meeting, especially in a creative group. And when it leads to this outcome how can anyone complain? We are all gonna be in a famous band.

The Boobs Album Art

Now, since this is a lab environment I tried some experiments with bit crunching just saving as gif with very few colors. Interesting results I suppose.

GIF - 6 color

GIF - 4 colors

GIF - 3 color

Also – here is the original drawing which I think might be cool for people to see where this outcome started.


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