Long Short Film

This film was created for the DC 48 Hour Film Project. A project in which myself, and other people from DC created a film in 48 hours. Well, a fair amount of spit ‘n polish has gone into this since then, which I guess was in April or something. Anyway, here it is. A brief warning, it contains a small amount of naughty language and the insinuation of the smoking of herbal supplements. I’d rate it PG-13 if I had to. But I rate it Pretty Good. Many people contributed to this project, people who some of which I met only during the filmmaking process, and therefore do not remember there names. enjoy.

I created the song in the final credits. It was very fun. I used garageband and a built in microphone and made it like 10 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Long Short Film

  1. In the first scene where you’re playing video games, is that a t-shirt of a future-looking guy scratching on records? Did I give you that shirt.

    Also, this is a fun little film.

  2. Yes you did give me that. It says beatfreaks on the back in graffito letters. I got that from you same time you gave me some flame retardant silver pants – it must have been about 2003, just before you left Kirksville.

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