This morning when I went to get some coffee from the kitchen at Discovery Communications, the vending machine whispered strangely to me. Something novel flashed in the corner of my eye and I was drawn to investigate. And that’s when it hit me. Right there, in slot E5.* Like nothing I’d ever seen before, and just in time. A new Doritos flavor. Wait for it. Okay sit down. Okay ready? Doritos First Degree Burn Blazin’ Jalapeno. Believe it.
So I reached into my wallet and pulled out a buck, and stuck it in the machine, thinking, this is ridiculous. This is no kind of breakfast. But the intoxicating romance of a new Doritos flavor had already taken hold, and like a drunk zombie staring at a bunch of babies, I reached into the machine savoring my anticipation.
Just then someone walked around the corner and I became embarrassed about my breakfast choice. I left the bag several feet away from me until the coast was clear. But then, alone in my ever shrinking world and ever more focused on the spicy moment to come, I unsealed the bag. Each cellophane crinkle an electric zap of endorphins. and then…

Crunch. Bliss.

These chips are perfect. The experience is very much like getting some movie nachos and piling 2 jalapeno slices on top of a fako cheese covered nacho. Even though there is no cheese flavoring on these chips, that is still the best way I can describe it. Also, if you are the type of person prone to experimenting with coffee and hot sauce combos, this is also a good thing to pair with coffee.

I suppose this post has nothing to do with design so I am going to create a new post category for random crap I write about. Maybe I should have made this funnier, but that was not my goal. I merely wish to influence you to spend your life savings on these new chips. I guess it is also a thematic tie-in to our recent short film, SORRY, since.. it .. has snack references… as well. Tally Hoe!

*It may not have been E5. But I am definitely not going to go over there and check it.


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