If I Was a Nutbag

this is what I’d truly believe:

Thou shalt not be acceptin of the goverment conspiritization of the masses. The earthquake weather machine that congress and the illuminati have kept hidden in the underground troposphere is an evil blite upon the mark of the beast of humanity’s worst nightmare. The people should rise up against the alien greys, that confide in our goverment and institutions in regard to alien anal probes that govern our nation. Therefore, we as a people, shall free our minds of the chemtrail brainworms, and form a brotherhood of syncronicity in the time of aquarius, marked by the signs of seven lights in the eastern heavens of jupiter

yey, for unseen forces have been at work since ancient times, when Memnotron opened up the stargate portal and advanced the human culture with bacterias from the surface of Mars. We have been suspended in a dream state woven by our alien anal probe captors, the tall grey ones from alpha centauri.


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