2011: Weed the Garden

Call me a big dummy but lately I have been turning to so-called oracles such as the ancient I-Ching and maybe less ancient tarot cards. I’ve been asking questions of online versions of both of these no less. Sometimes they don’t make much sense and I think part of the exercise is free association, however recently I’ve been asking about why I can’t have a certain thing in my life that I want right now and yesterday both of the divination systems delivered the same message to me, so it kind of had an impact.

The I Ching said some stuff about how I need to apply my energies towards noble pursuits and not let lesser pursuits capture my attention. One’s character is defined by which parts of himself he cultivates and which parts he weeds out. Also, which people he attends to and which he does not.

The tarot deck essentially told me the same thing. That this is a time in my life to tend to the garden of my self. To weed out inessential or lesser parts and to cultivate better parts.

Waking up this morning, I totally see it. I am not quite a self reliant, happy person right now, and when I can be maybe it will open some doors. So here’s what I want to work on in 2011:

less poison. Time to show myself some respect. This includes junk food.

less clutter. I need to weed my garden of belongings. The less I can have right now, the better, since I am considering moving to NYC in the near future. Or even into a different DC apartment. Either way, its a good thing.

more exercise. Time to show myself I’m a total badass.

volunteerism, altruism. My job provides me with personal satisfaction, but what am I offering the world?

drawing. Drawing from life doesn’t even need to be an artistic pursuit. I formed my brain on drawing, and to not continue is just sad. I love it so much, this just needs to be part of my life, like taking a shower.

meditation. Infinitely beneficial. I know methods of doing it, so I am cheating myself out of a lot of well-being by not doing it.

pursuit of knowledge. I’d like to become a master of Cinema 4D in 2011. I also want to pursue interests in brain science, and follow NASA missions. Also be a little more knowledgeable on NEWS.

So that’s certainly enough to keep me busy. How do I stick to it? I need to devise a system that reminds me or charts my progress every month. Then design it as a mobile app and make some coin. Happy New Year to y’all and good luck with your own self improvement plans.


3 thoughts on “2011: Weed the Garden

  1. I am so there right now. I know how difficult it can be to pull yourself up when you’re down. But we have to be accountable for ourselves, because ultimately, no one else can do it for us. We have to be proactive rather than reactive. When you become aware of things that need to change, then you no longer have an excuse for not changing them. (Easier said than done, I know. I’ve been indulging in some major self-pity parties lately.)

    My realistic New Year’s battle cry: Here’s to 2011 sucking slightly less than 2010!

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