Weather Wizard

here’s a new illustration. I used a combination of illustrator and photoshop on this one, working back and forth between. Lots of use of PS CS5 new brushes. I use a Wacom tablet, which is a pen and pad type mousing system. It basically lets me use a pen instead of a mouse to do everything navigation-wise on the computer, and it really shines in photoshop. The tablet is pressure sensitive, so I can press harder to get darker strokes, in real time while I’m ‘painting’.

I am very very pleased with this outcome and hope I will soon be generating some illustrations using similar techniques to similar effect. This is a style I’d like to explore. I have to give a hero shout-out to 3 Legged Legs. They make tons of really awesome motion work, combining very diverse and divergent techniques into seamless if unsettled landscapes. They’ve been making some impressions on my aesthetic lately and I think this is partially a result of that.

Here’s an early stage: At this point I sent it to my colleague Mike Una and asked if it was ‘interesting.’ He said ‘winter wizard’? This gave me a thread of reference, and influenced where the unformed idea began to go.

I thought this was sort of interesting too – basically my photoshop stuff uncropped. You can see all the extra imagery outside the cropping I used.


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