Professional Waker-Upper Dog

Kingston should do this for a living. It couldn’t hurt to have my dog bringing in a little extra cash, and I think he’d enjoy it. My dog’s a really good Waker Upper. He seems to profoundly understand the urgency implied by the alarm, as its tones decadently explode into the morning light. I’ve been awakening into this same hall of mirrors day after day for quite a while and often my trip from the dreamworld to my bed does not inspire the same verve in me as it once did.

But Kingston’s a damn pro. Hey, he usually beats the alarm to the punch. At 7:30 exactly, pretty much every morning, he begins his strange tap dancing routine that involves him planting his paws in my groin and face at varied intervals. Sometimes I think it’s because he urgently needs to go outside, but it’s not as if I’ve ever taken him out at 7:30 a.m. He knows full well that I get up at 8, so the morning routine generally involves me kicking him out of my room for a half hour.

No, I don’t think nature’s calling his bladder to step in my face. I think he truly cares about me getting up and awake on time. That’s Pro.


One thought on “Professional Waker-Upper Dog

  1. lol … its funny i noticed this this morning, he was pacing back and forth outside your door. and kept tilting his head listening to your alarm.

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