Magical Time-Knowing Dog Awakens Astounded Owner Mere Seconds Before Alarm Goes Off

‘Time-Knowetry’ or ‘Clock Guessification’ was thought by many important scientists to be a lost art, but one District canine has routinely shown that it is alive and well. Kingston Moccia has displayed a deeply rooted ability in Time-Knowetry and has used his power to alter several important world events for the better.

“I guess maybe I would have missed my bus [without Kingston’s intervention] but who knows for sure,” reports the dog’s owner.

Area man, Joe Moccia reports, “I’m pretty sure I was just about to get too much sleep, right when he woke me up.”

In a world where timepieces are digital, and synced with each other via internetz and cell towers, its easy to view time as something we can count on, but after the apocalypse, magical dogs with powers may be the only way to get to business meetings promptly.


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