You Probably Shouldn’t Get a Blackberry

Hey, in case you are thinking of ditching your droid or iphone for a blackberry, hold on, before you make the single most impossibly backward-assed decision of your life.

The Blackberry pretends to be a smart phone, but the only thing that really works on it is email and internet. Every app I’ve downloaded on it seems to never quite work out, or even load. I searched for a gmail app, and though there are 26 options that come up – none are a gmail app. I know there is a gmail app available for blackberry, they just can’t seem to find it with the single piece of specific information necessary to find it. Ah, I guess I’m just frustrated with this piece of…technology, and can’t figure out how they’ve attained a high regard at all. I guess I should add, I am using the bold which does not have a touch screen interface. Its quite possible the higher end models are much better.

The upshot of this is that getting a work blackberry has pushed me over the edge – I now really really really am ready to get myself a smartphone (that works (well (reliably))). Also what’s hot? Sprint now carries iphones. BAM! 134 days from now I’ll be floating in a soft sea of easily attained touch-screen digital bliss.

So now that I got it out of my system, let me say, blackberries can make phone calls just fine, and are actually much better at email than phone calls. Surfing the net is slow and difficult but it will happen. The apps, I’d say just forget it, you’ll be sitting there for 25 minutes just to figure out what the weather is like.


2 thoughts on “You Probably Shouldn’t Get a Blackberry

  1. On the flip side… I dropped my Blackberry in a hot bath, while operating, and with no real emergency measures (other than ripping the battery out as fast as possible) it worked perfectly fine after drying out 6 hours later… I find networking to be MUCH easier than with the Android I had for a little while (it’s possible I just didn’t have enough time with it) in that copying/pasting/sharing things like text, images (via the web) and page addresses are inherently more intuitive. Typing with actual buttons is much more comfortable, I always mistype with a touch screen, and I do a lot of typing on my phone…

    The flip flip side:
    •YES! The apps suck a fat one! I’ve had to limit myself to a very select chosen few to be able to operate smoothly.
    •Video streaming isn’t nearly as good. Which doesn’t bother me that bad, I need a phone to communicate, not entertain me, but both could be nice…

    Ultimately, I’d proly do the Iphone too, if they weren’t so expensive, or I wasn’t so broke :\

    However, I’m also using an older BlackBerry and that may be different with the newer ones…

    Sent from a BlackBerry 😉

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