Where Apple is Failing: Quicktime Player X

I know this happened a couple years ago, but the anger has finally risen to the point of forcing expression.

I love Apple products because I like souped up, well made gear that works and works and works and keeps working. That’s generally what you get from Apple hardware.

However, Apple’s latest Quicktime player is stupifyingly stupid. They have eliminated the Quicktime Player PRO line, and have left us with a flappy piece of Paris Hiltonesque nonsense. If you can imagine a very dark, shiny, stupid and also sort of “holier than thou” robot that messes up all its chores but reports that it has completed its tasks… that is what we’re dealing with here.

The most major spuck up is the placement of navigation buttons (forward, back, play) ON TOP OF THE VIEWING AREA. Would you embed a stoplight into the surface of the street? No you wouldn’t, because it would get in the way of what streets do for cars. I just find this an absurd design decision on the part of a company that prides itself on meticulously thought out design solutions. Also, export options are dumbed down significantly and create a bunch of extraneous files in the process. Oh, you just wanted to make an H264 and perhaps tweak a couple of export settings? I guess you’ll have to settle for the default “computer” export setting. Enjoy the complimentary folder and 3 useless files that Quicktime Player 10 will stick you with.

I am pretty sure Final Cut X was designed with the same off-target sensibilities. And while my imovie days are behind me, so are its days as a useful nonlinear edit software for the masses. Apple, when you try to shift the paradigms sometimes it aint worth 20 cents, sometimes you’re just being silly.
(Get it.. pair o’ dimes?)

The solution here is to spend 30 bucks and buy the old version of Quick Time Pro (7) from Apple’s site. Man, it is a tight, high quality product that does so much to help me throughout my day.

The point here though, is that Apple may be shifting its focus in such a way as to under serve motion design and edit professionals. The question is, who is going to serve this market in the future?

No wait, the point here is that Quicktime Player X is a complete pile of spit sauce. I hate it and dammit, why Apple. Why. You better eat that shoe, and ALL of it.

In case you can’t tell, Andy Rooney was always my favorite part of 60 minutes. Rest in peace bro.


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