I am a Musician Too

Hey, some of you might know I have dabbled with creating music on and off for many years. By publishing some of my recordings I hope to solidify this part of myself. It’s a passion I really want to pursue more vigorously in the future. But, if that doesn’t happen, well, at least I will have created the possibility of these songs being heard by an audience.

I might as well begin with pretty much the first recordings I ever made. This EP, entitled, Death to Lovers was written out of a necessity to bundle and export vast amounts of anguish I experienced following a bad break-up in college. I have since attempted to write a lot of songs in the absence of horrible pain, and it is possible, but there is nothing quite like the raw expression that goes into an EP like this one.

I want to thank Todd Baran for noticing my music and inviting me to come record in his living room studio in Kirksville,MO in 2003. We recorded on a large analog reel to reel recorder. It was a great experience. He is featured on some of the tracks and provided a lot of guidance along the way to the point of acting as producer as well as engineer.


3 thoughts on “I am a Musician Too

  1. You’re fabulous. I’ve always envied your raw talent. I am so grateful that your creativity is still going strong and that you didn’t get lured into corporate whoredom like some of us. :oP

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