48 Hour Film Project DC 2015 Entry “Free Delivery” by Day One

After riding in Mike Ring’s (The Garden; Peterwagon Films) film making car for several years, I started to get itchy to put my hands on the wheel. So this year I started my own team for the 48HFP. Yes, this film was asigned a genre, written, pre-produced, shot, edited, post-produced and delivered in under 48 hours.

Shaan Akbar was a must, and I brought in Mike Baireuther to ensure that we would not end up scratching our heads wondering about an ending at 2am. The two of them brought in their people and soon we had a pretty rockin’ team. Well, this is what we made and it ain’t too shabby. I know we can do better, but we sure could have done worse. It was the first time we had all collaborated on anything.

Day One (our team name) received the audience award for our screening group and the judges moved us forward to the Best of DC Screening. Yay! Not too bad for year one of Day One.


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